Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Education Routed in Our culture or A Culture is Enrouted in Education!

     Education Routed in Our culture or A 
  Culture is Enrouted in Education!

It is a thought that requires deep Introspection and Analysis with a favorable and Logical explanation.Though ,The Annals of "Education System" In India has undergone Dynamic changes for the Betterment over the years and the Leap of 20th to 21st century has brought New Dimensions to it,but the question that knocks the Door of "our Culture of Education" is that" ,'Does our Methodology spins under the magnet of British colonization?Because ,Rather than "Education being routed in our Indian Culture ,a New  culture called WESTERNIZATION or AMERICANISATION has been en-routed in our Education!Although we had successfully dismantled the shackle of Colonial Era,yet we revert back to it.

English is an International Language.Yes ,it aids us to integrate as a Global citizen(nothing against the language ,you are comfortable with it,well & good),But not being efficient with it does not make one Less Intelligent!But" Our Adopted Culture Routed Education" looks down at such Individuals.!eg You walk in for an Interview in a reputed Firm,there you Fumble with words and in a minute you are scanned for the probability of being non compliant for the Work and Company's Standards.Alas,its a hard fact which will never dwindle.To catch up with this trend schooling in English Medium has become a Mandatory Need for Success,but in this race our Mother tongue suffers most of the times.It is very shameful that youngsters today proudly say 'I don't know my Mother Tongue! or I hardly use it!Parents are equally Responsible for slaughter of this cultural education which is expected out of Indian education System.Adopting an International Language has no Harm but ignoring the use of one's own Mother tongue  is injustice in its purest form to one's Identity.Moreover,Schools and Colleges are Actively Introducing Foreign Languages in the curriculum but familarising students with the diverse languages across the Indian states Lacks discussion even at Legislative Level,Ponder!

 In the arms of education,lies a persons character,his values,attitude towards Life,understanding of self and others.Education should mold an individual as a whole and Ignite Independent thinking under the umbrella of Right values.Understanding and knowledge of one's beliefs will glow the flame of respect to the 'Values and culture' that India boasts about!But this Flame is gradually diminishing in younger Generation and the "sanskriti" we Indians talk about is all in words.Because "Spiritual and Cultural " Education  has now become ,like a tiny plot on an one acre Land that is in threat of being encroached by our Adopted Culture in Near Future.

Thus,an Individuals Education is not only responsible to shape his Life,but also upbringing of a Generation.And, Many Generations together form Society and this Society forms a Nation.So,Education is not merely stacking of Degrees but also Dressing up of one's Mind and Soul.But our Focus on Education or Higher or Professional Education has moved from merely 'Earning' to 'Earning Abroad'

So,Its Time,that we educate our Mind and Soul harmoniously and on International Platform glow with the Identity of Being Indians! 


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