Sunday, 1 July 2018

Being strong..

Each of us have our own definition of life.We all look upon it in different ways and lead ourselves with the flow.But life has its unique way to transit us in to different phases.It knows to perfectly blend us in to a stressful situation and pulls us out leaving a lesson embarked in our heart.
We humans have evolved ourselves,seeking newer ways of development,reasoning out our skills to a better person and moving to chase.
In this sprint I wonder who will you call strong.
The one who can hold on everything as of nothing is happening .
The one who is broken in pieces but yet gathers himself to stand for the sake of dear ones.

To let go is difficult or to hold back in hope.

Life is indeed a mystery and no body can answer the dynamics of human emotions.
So it's better to not opine for the person besides you for you don't know the depth of his sea in which he is drowning.

Live and let live.

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