Tuesday, 24 July 2018

The Emptiness around!

Home is a tight knitted love that is felt by each other's presence else it is a mere house.We must have come across this a number of times from many people that family makes home,walls make a house.
Right now when i am typing this post i am sitting in one corner of my house,i can feel the silence around,the tick-tock of my wall clock and can sense the presence of running fan chasing the wind.

Well my brother has just finished with his Master's last semester and has gone for a vacation with my mother to my native.I and my father could not get leave so we were left behind and now since his second shift is on, he comes home late night.So now,silence greets me when i am home after a hard day of work.
Today was the first day in their absence.I came home by 5.30 pm,opened the lock and said Assalam alaikum, a usual practise and mummy always replied with smile alaikum salam.But today i replied my own self.
After getting fresh and reciting namaz  i hunted in kitchen to feed my empty vessel,today there was nothing on table or no care to enquire what i will eat!I had no choice but to prepare myself or settle with whatever available.
I looked around and missed my brother' taunts and the random tiffs we picked up.I missed the random laughter and pulling of each other's leg.
It was late evening,but my dad's typical door bell did not buzz to notify he is there.I called him to tell i am home but he was busy and could not continue to talk.
Well i have a habit of narrating everything to my father in evening,and its fun to discuss so many experiences that my father listens with so much interest that i go on until my mother intervenes...kitna bolti ho...jakar roti banau! :D This did not happen today...well when he is home at night i will start my cassette  including a talk on this blogpost.

The evening was a silent one.The emptiness around was rising like a tide hitting on floor and sweeping it away.

I walked around like a responsible lady to keep everything at place,planned the dinner,started preparing it keeping in mind what will be tomorrow afternoon's lunch for dad and what will i take in tiffin.I felt big and sat down to retrospect how much i take my blessings for granted.
My family and every moment spent with them is something i should cherish each day.
At this moment i am grateful to God for this blessing,i know its matter of few days but definitely something to learn from and to fill heart with more gratitude.


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