Wednesday, 18 July 2018

Lets Talk about it.. you are a soldier too!

Our brave hearts who are safeguarding us from danger each day on the largely knitted ,life threatened borders of our country,day and night are the heroes of this nation, our dear soldiers.
But do you know ,you are a soldier too...yes a mental health soldier!

Health is a dimension we only term in context to what is seen,like you are ill only if your body has heated up or your nose is draining or head is hurting or there is malaise and the list is endless.
No body talks about the hidden iceberg,what about anhedonia,the anxiety,restlessness,tears they are unseen context of health because they fall out of the classification laid by the society norms.
It's time we talk about it!

Mental health soldier,I came across this terminology in my graduation days in an early morning seminar packed by audience,delivered by a very renowned psychiatrist of Mumbai.
His presentation and speech seems embarked in my heart for i can recollect seventy percent of his talk which is quite surprising for an early morning talk!
Well,this article is not a reflection of what i remember but my personal experience and opinion.

The world is full of various people having different personalities.No body can have have a control on anyone but can we be a little considerate.
Rantings from a boss or a fight with colleague/friend/spouse etc is not unusual.People get low and sad.They shed tears,express anger,feel dejected.Relations break,people leave.A number of tragedies happen.But time heals it.We get over it.
But many don't.There are a number of researches stating that ninety five percent of people suffer from neurosis at some point of time in life.
Now what is neurosis? The presence of a symptom or a group of symptoms which cause subjective distress to the patient and the symptom is undesirable which means insight is present,we are well aware of what is happening and are in contact with reality.

As a society,only if we are wise with our jokes or sarcasm,we can make a significant difference. Well i don't mean live a saint life,but scan the person before speaking.His emotions may be a wall of glass or iron.If it's of glass you will break him in pieces with the stone of your words.
If its really difficult to get the right words out,i will advise to keep quite.Our silence at right moment can do wonders too.
Second,be alert if somebody says i want to talk,lend your ears,this person has kept aside his ego and looked up to you for help because you are capable of it.If you can sense something is wrong,be there.
May be the person will take time to open up,it's alright,don't persuade by constantly asking what happened.The ice will melt with the warmth of your presence and support.We can be watchful of this for the people around us.

These two exercise if we adapt in our life and execute it to our best ,i personally feel we can bring some change and develop better mental health.


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