Friday, 29 June 2018

Dream Catcher

When I stand I front of the sky touching heights in an elite area of Mumbai. My  mind runs in numerous directions and my heart traces a set of questions that my soul stands firm to take it.
My eyes are falling on these huge towers and it twinkles like a baby's eye stuck on a candy.I am wondering and counting my blessings to be so much better than many but my thoughts bouncing a question on me ,being from a middle class family ,these houses you can only dream of .And I think the maintenance of this fancy luxury would not even be my family's bank balance.
Then,How justified it is to dream or rather can i dream.
But somewhere my soul taps me on my shoulder to whisper in my ears,yes may be you can move in there.The power of faith and trust on one's skills and capabilities can carve rainbow at night.The fire to achieve illuminates each day to be blown off at the end by putting no efforts and walking directionless, running to catch a dream, when its not even in sight.

At times i wonder we are a knitted bunch of dreams that loosen up to tighten the cord of stresses and when we are not able to hold it together each strand in the chord moves out to fly un-supervised and at times catches the wrong, to never return to the right.In simple words i can say your dreams should bring out the best in you and not the lust of power,greed and money that you forget your essence and walk on path of exploitation and wrong activities.

Coming back to the twinkle in my eyes, i am still fixed on the height there and wondering if i can catch my dream and reach a respected position where i can sleep contently to the hard earned luxury of life.A position that i can dream of now, can ever be a tomorrow?
To all the questions my soul whispers just two word "May be"
So it is possible, a numerous success stories stands as an example,i hope mine too in future.
Till then a secret to share i am blessed with everything i need in life!But the human heart"Ye dil maanagay more"


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