Friday, 29 June 2018

A Special Gift

Disclaimer:This poem is written by my closest,a friend special in every way.She has taught me what friendship is and i cant hold myself from posting it here.
Thanks Sabika!

With the lord she speaks for me
There she is, quietly and sincerely praying
Her eyes are wet and hands spread forward
Like a humble child asking the Almighty.
She asks for happiness,
She asks for relief,
She asks for success,
She asks for contentment.

Her prayers are filled with love.
Her heart filled with care.
The world doesn't know about the restlessness inside her.
She's calm on the outside.
Smiling, to conceal her pain.
Moving on with her life, with her duties,
While silently talking to the Lord.
Silently praying,
But not for herself.
She is my strength,
A blessing from above!
The answer to my mother's prayers.
She is in all true sense
My Friend, my sister, my love,
Her motivation helps me to navigate
Through the hardest of ways of life
Keeping my secrets safe,
She listens and empathizes.
And most importantly
She never leaves
Even after seeing my darkest side and my flaws.
She stays, holding my hand, smiling,
Reassuring me throughout the way
That her love will only grow.
For it stands on the foundation of a stronger love
The love for AHLAYBAIT A.S.
That love which keeps us both alive!
And how can we not hold on to that?
I cannot be thankful enough
For every caring word,
For every caring touch,
And for every caring gesture,
For everything,
I will love you, forever!
- Dr. Sabika Saiyed (PT)
for my bestie Saima Wasti

 P.S:Each word of this poem carves a million smile in my soul.

Book:The Kite Runner, Author: Khalil Gibran . This is my favourite quote dedicated to you! "


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