Friday, 26 January 2018

Faces in the crowd

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Each face has a world within. Walking amid the crowd I am intriguingly  looking at each face and trying to connect to their lives .I don't know if I will be able to but I am trying to string my thoughts on a single cord.Unlike West India is a land of colors even when it comes to the appearance. The beauty of different shades is marvelous .The complexion around in the people differs from bright to dark to light to less light and each face if you look at around you is like a masterpiece of a very experienced and meticulous architect.Right from the features to the appearance ,everything is so unique,an identity each individual carries like no one else and yet humans grumble over it .What if we all looked alike ,say it a Chinese all over the world . Well I don't intend to be racist as I adore both West and the Chinese side of beauty .Well coming back to where I started off,at times I go so tangential I feel my thoughts need to be tied up around a keel.But no, you ain't a writer if your thoughts don't wander aimlessly and ignite with a spark of perfectly describing rhymes and or carving a set of words that can soothen a soul.
So back to faces and life!
The faces in the crowd if you observe carefully will reveal a lot of unsaid stories and also through the day!
In the morning hours while you commute to to your destined place,a non verbal communication keeps walking around your space.may be you will see,
A smile of hope,a good start to the day!
A smile of distress, a preoccupied mind's tale!
A smile of contentment,a blessed feel it says.
A smile of love,growing in a fairy tale!
An eyes full of dreams,reflects all the screams.
An eyes filled with pain.unheard and in vain.
An eyes sinking in the fear,of the happening around
An eyes closed to the world and sleeping profound.
May be,
You will feel of the scars seen and the unseen
of the past and present walking in!
You may see the wrinkles of someone's hand,
on another one's  forehead, a stress expressive land!
when you head back to your home at the end of day,you may read another face or the faces speaking of the tale!may be a face  not willing to go back to his place,
A face speaking volumes of its pain.
A spotless face may be filled with scars of violence,heart drowning in the ocean of silence!
A welcome smile of the neighbor beside may be is holding a grudge inside!
Also an eyes staring in space is walking with her thoughts a million steps or a mile!

A tensed forehead ,a rolling tears,a narrow canthus,a wide smile or a serious pride!Whether there is an expression or none,
But there is a story to sum!
Mine is too a tale of the crowd,
Through the eyes i speak aloud.
Nobody hears what i have to say,
Nor do i hear what others say!
In this walk of life,
Remember this said line,
There is a story in the next door,
Like the one dwelling in-door!


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