Saturday, 17 February 2018

What keeps me away..

Although writing is my medium of liberation but the hustle to work ad earn takes me away from my most loved task of freeing my mind and painting it with rhymes.I don't know if i will ever be an author but i am sure my passion will definitely take me far off .I am an occupational therapist by profession and i have taken up a new blog OT WI-SH as my upcoming goal and i have been trying to work on it and reading a little more to know of the advancements and the content that i can put up there .But i realized it is taking me away from Inception and my bad time management skills keeps me more irregular on this blog.However since both the blogs are dear to me i am trying to work upon balancing job,home,reading and of course blogging.In this mess one thing is certain i have to improve on a lot of things of which most important is time.My past one week has been an era of deep introspection and some very intense and focused conversations with my most trusted pals.When i was on a note of changing my profession and taking up only literature or some management/administration,may be because of reasons i know and i cannot put them all but after deep thought i decided to continue with this struggle and a promise to self of being more responsible and organized henceforth so now on-wards hopefully i will be more active here and try to come up with interesting reads.

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