Monday, 25 August 2014

In search of Safe Door!

Police...what impression does this word bring in your mind ? Do you think police have become the biggest criminals in this society today ? Are you comfortable in approaching them ? #police



Police! ..My eyes is fixed on this word, and my mind is running in all possible directions to scrape out the string of incidences closely knitted in my 'Semantic Memory' which is resuscitated every day by the heart throbbing incidences i read and listen to,from Newspapers and other Social Media.There is flood of thoughts racing together to link them precisely and bring out a suffice matter.
Personally i have never been to Police station, so i have no first hand experience to talk about, but yes i have a varied perception.

*Early Morning"Head line of the most Discussed News says 'And Police Also Involved' I Grimace.Further on the next page the Disturbing News of Lathi Charge on the Silently Protesting Mob adds to my Pain.The Agony Instilled in My Heart turns more Deep by Reading the News about Dacoits,Murder,Rape,Harassment, Burglary,Bribes,Violence,Riots,Fake Encounters,Scams etc with no Successful Judicial investigation..There are N number of news day in and out.
So many Incidences of Molestation are exposed but we never no there might be equal number of cases still unheard.The cry of Helplessness is Growing Louder in Disdain but no Door to knock on Safely.Why??Silence leaps in the their Darkest hour and they are left to Gather their Broken Pieces.(I am not drawing generalized conclusion,but the scenario is not less common).

Cases open up but Files get Closed."Under the Table " alters the Desk Sheet.Political Reach cuts down all Powers or rather gives extra Power.The increased Girth of 'Bundle/Paiti/Rokhda' takes away Conscience.Sad But True!

But all this is One Side of the Coin.
On the other hand is 'Keechad mein Kamal' Type Scene.In between these Peddlers of Humanity dwell the Flag bearers of Justice.If today we are Resting Safely in our house it is because of them.I have a friend, her father is Assistant Commissioner.He is the first Police officer i know of so closely.Uncle is a very down to Earth and a Honest man.Talking to him mends the broken trust on Police to some extent.Every time i meet him,i tell myself Honesty is not Dead yet.People like him and Many more who spend Sleepless Night on High Alerts,Festive Occasion and other National Emergencies are the reason of our Safety.But the Shackle of Corruption doesn't remain far from them.Either it Elopes or Kills them.Do you remember Durga Shakti Nagpal case?The 28 year old IAS officer,who protested against Sand Mafia and What happened next needs no mention.Similarly,there are so many unsolved cases of the Talented & Honest officers either being Murdered or Suspended.

If it was so...
Characters like 'Singham' and 'Chulbul Pandey' from Reel Life are the need of hour in the Real Life(that too in huge numbers).The Popular TV show CID,i am sure each one must have watched some time or the other.Their one hour episode makes me Laugh hoping that if cases were solved with such charismatic speed,scene would be different.Series of Savdhaan India ,Crime Patrol Dastak (reality based) etc gives some sense of Assurance but Heart piercing News 'Rakshak Banay Bhakshak' pulls it Back.

At the end we should not forget 'Taali Ek haath se Nahi Bachti'
We the Citizens are also responsible for the Loopholes in the System.You skip a Signal blindly and Caught ahead,whats the next move?Chai paani and you are left!..The other day my friend was caught by police while crossing railway track in hurry to catch his Local.He was narrating the entire incidence casually saying he had to give 250 Rs to escape..Huh!I kept wondering 'Was that the only way out'.Why we offer a bribe.To escape from Tedious Legal procedures? or to get the work done fast or......And then we cry and Moan about Corruption.
Another Root cause "Politicians"
Except for the Honest ones, so many police officials become Royal Servants of these "Netas".They sell themselves to these Leaders and then buy their subordinates and the vicious cycle goes on. Here also we come in Picture.Had we not Elected such Uneducated & Criminal Back Ground Leaders.There would be more safe doors.

Final Call...
Just like the Doctors,Police is also responsible to save our lives moreover to keep it safe.But the Class and Respect difference of the
White Coat & Khaaki Speaks Volumes of the Corruption difference Many Eyes with Helpless Tears are Yet in Search of a Safe Door!

People, including rape victims,in need of Police help would approach a Police Station with a greater sense of confidence if the “thana”was of a More secure Place Now! 
What we need to Ponder upon is....
Why the thought of police help  accompanies a hiatus in Movement.?
And I am sure most of the Mediocre Indian families have a common notion amongst 'ki Police aur Waqil se bhagwan bachaye'


This post is Written for Indispire 27th edition.


  1. That was a well balanced post. Well said

  2. Nice points but good cops with morals are rare to find these days. Even Durga shakti has taken a transfer to a place close to her husband and never questioned the state government again. In real life there is no "Singham", that's a sad truth. :)

    1. Thankyou :)..True! Singham is not less than a fancy figure for Real Life.


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