Thursday, 21 September 2017

About a Girl

She is a pearl of my ocean,
Where nurtures umpteenth emotion.

She is the little mayflower i know,
A blessing in disguise i call it though!

She is the solitude of my valley,
Within her lies my untold story!

She is my echo on a cliff,
I hear her before i begin to speak!

She is my friend so loving ,
Who makes my world worth living!

So who is She,Let me tell you,
Her name is sabika ,dear I Love you!

Her care to define is beyond my words
She has stood by me like a surd!

Her love is so pure that i wonder,
How do i give back to her!

Her honest opinion makes me melt,
How true it is i have felt!

Her genuine concern when i am low,
And to deal with it,only she knows!


The jokes,the talks,the tears and the fight,
All we have shared in years is at sight!

You have surprised me at many instances,
By reading me ,knowing my silence!

I have a deep respect for you!
Be the person you are"I love You"

On your birth day ,i want to say,
Nobody knows me like you do,My Bae!

P.S:To the girl who is not only my sister but a friend who stands by the word friendship!
May you be blessed with all the happiness you deserve!

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