Saturday, 14 March 2015


I try to define that one Moment,
Off which I am uncertain!
Like a shrub lost in bushes,
I wander in my world of Emotions!
My Heart “Conceals “the truth of it,
And yet “Concedes” it to be…
Left unanswered are those umpteenth questions,
Which pops on my every Action?
When I banish it from my thoughts,
It seeps in through my Heart!
Though I keep it away from me,
Yet I drift towards it.
When my soul ventures  in Quietly,
Intricate Barriers stop me.
My state of heart is inexplicable,
Seems to be caught in the ‘web of some sorcerer’
I escape from it wisely,
Unaware that I am still in it!
Then I screen through every moment,
To find the cause of indignation,
To my surprise is the Oblivious ONE
Which has crossed the path of Affection
Off which I am uncertain!


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