Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Far but yet Close

Dear Granny I miss you so much,
Cant put my feelings into Words.
I knew there would be a time for you to Go,
Leaving behind your Happiness and Sorrow.
But your journey from Earth to Heaven,
Was Like an Unexpected Rain!
Buried through the thoughts i Wonder,
What an irony of nature,
In pain you were left to suffer,
And happiness took you over.
Like a nightmare went that day,
With it when you Passed Away,
And left us in the Ocean of sadness,
Into which we sail till day
Just to Let you know my Dear,
You were the Light of our darkness,
And your Presence made our day.
I miss that Smile on your face,
Off experience would enlighten.
Your Crispy Lips when touched my cheeks,
Happiness would Roll from head to feet.
Your stories of ghost and beast,
In my thoughts still leap.
I miss the way you stood by my side,
Just to defend me in Plight.
Your last words come as an Echo,
Out they burst with tears and Flow.
Off the world when i hide,
In your memory spend some time,
Console myself you are still alive,
Far but yet Close to my life,
In my heart you Reside.

P.S:This poem is dedicated to my Grandmother Syeda Iqbal Fatima Wasti.A lady who was a friend to everyone.We Lost her on 27th Jan 2010,but she is and will be always alive in our hearts.My day begins and ends by remembering her.The most influential person and dearest to me.Dadda I miss u alot <3!

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