Monday, February 02, 2015

From Haven to Heaven

Soulmate not necessarily is life mate. What do you feel? Express your take.

This Post is written for Indispire 50th Edition.

 Her Vibrant Hand Shook the Cot,
 She Trembled all around the House,
 O'Granny! You Please Don't Trot,
"Said , Munchkin",Holding Her Blouse.

 She Sat Quietly Listening to her Breath,
 Her Heart Wandered in Search of 'It',
 She looked out of Window Pane,
 Her Eyes Shined with the Rays.

 Her Supple Spine Rested on the Stick,
 As She Moved to and forth to find "It".
 Her Eyes was looking for a Part of Her,
 Which She Kept Hiding from Everyone.

 The Lust of Her Life was Lying Beneath,
 She Held it Close and Cried on 'It'!
"O,My Life,I Searched for you all Over,"
 The Lady in White Cried with Fervor!

  The Chapters of her Love and Broken Life,
  Was Weaved Together with Pride,
  She Sang With 'It',the Melody of Joy,
  And Stringed her tears before being Dry!

  She Gently Caressed her Wrinkled Fingers,
  By the Red Ink of her Secret Holder,
  As she tightened her Grip on Fountain of Hope
  She Knew it was time for her to go.

  The Death Hour had turned up in Time,
  She Continued Carving her Last Rhymes,
  The Lifeless Object Moved in Grief,
  Shedding Tears of Love to Disbelief!
  For one Last time,She Read them all,
  The Tales of Sadness and her Falls,
  Her Diary Spoke of Worthiness to Her,
  Whenever 'They' called her "A Looser".

  The Love of Two was too Divine,
  Away from the Reach of  Human Mind!
  They Clinched to each other every Night,
  Forming idylls of Verses and Rhyme.

  She Lied her Back Resting on the Bed,
  With her Love Sleeping on her Chest!
  Her Diary began to Loosen up,
  Unraveling the Mystery of Black Cup!
  As She Began to Close her Eyes Forever,
  She Smiled of Contentment Like Ever!
  She Knew Her Secrets would Remain So,
  As Her Diary would Not Let it Go!

  The Old Beauty had Slept forever,
  The Honest Love Began to Wither,
  In Tempest Down,their Love was Driven,
  To Travel together from Haven to Heaven!


  1. wonderful..true - the meaning of soulmate is somewhere forgotten.

  2. Nicely worded dear, your poem engrave in my soul. Keep it up :)
    I have nominated you for The versatile blogger award. You can see your nomination at

  3. Thnx a lot Arpita...:) Keep Visiting


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