Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Lonesome Wanderer

Solitude teaches some of the most valuable lessons in one's life. Comment or weave a story on this theme.

This post is for Indispire 49th Edition.

Dangling his Feet,
 Down the Rock,
  He Sat Smiling,
  At, His  Love!

   The Day was Pleasant,
And Winds Calm,
 Chain of Waves,
 Moved to and forth.

He Wrapped his Arm,
   Around Her,
 His Dusky World,
 Brightened with Colors!

He Painted the 'Black',
With Canvas of Love,,
Carving Clouds of Faith,
Over"Mountains Of Trust"!

Soon Shimmering Rays,
 Caressed his Wrinkled Arm,
Then,Glowed the Green,
As Golden Farm,

The Gentle Breeze,
Kissed Back her Love,
He Whispered to her,
Expressing His Love!

The Criss Cross Lines,
Of his Face,
Was Young at Heart,
 though Old in Age!

She Heard his Heart,
As No One Did,
They Spoke for Hours,
 Behind Gurgling Music!

His Weary Life,
Was Knit with Hope,
With the Lessons of,
Struggle She Spoke!

The Black Ocean,
Of His Eyes,
Was filled with Happiness,
And Began to Shine.

Waving his Love,
Goodbye for Day,
He Tottled,
His Red White-Stick for Way!

The Lonesome Wanderer,
  Had Heard His Muse,
  He Smiled Back,
  To Solitude.



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