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Being Rich

                                                   Being RICH!

"Beta ,padhai karo tumhe Bada Aadmi nahi banna kya....."I am sure each one of us have grown up listening to this sentence from our well wishers.Now the "bada aadmi" referred here is very obvious "Rich & Wealthy Man" .Right from our childhood we are shown the ultimate goal to attain.This is very much human. Each Parent strives to give Best Education to his child,so that he gets a good position that brings in wealth. After all,Who doesn't like Money?

 Now,Look at these .....
 The Girl sitting there has iphone 5s "She must be Rich ya , Look at her dress" The Guy next door wears only branded clothes "Baday baap ki Aulad hogi" For a wedding,"Gift toh Mehenga hi dena hoga, bohut paise walay hain ye Log...Huh.. To a Friend,Dude,He drives 800,Not of our status", Relatives among themselves "Paise ki koi kami nahi hogi,ghar dekha hai?' I can just keep on giving examples,which are equivalents of the word RICH defined by the world,but the Interpretation of it is very subjective

"Money" is indeed a beautiful word that brings Smile on every face.And ,In this Competitive & Materialistic era, there is no heart who doesn't like an Incentive.And if someone says 'i don't want money' i will never believe, because it is the need for survival.Irrespective of whether you wail in luxuries or strive for basic needs,you require it.And So,Each one is in the Race to be RICH!But the only thing that varies is what Rich means to you.
There is nothing wrong in striving for money but earning by wrong means is no where correct.There is a group of population for whom the demarcation of right & wrong is non existent.They will be the ones for whom Rich means wealth,Bank Balance and nothing else.Culture & value has no space in their room.The Need for more creates such a Mirage that they can exploit anyone for their position.And,sadly these people exist in numbers.

But, somewhere between them grows another group(i fall in that),for whom Richness is more than possessing wealth.It is about understanding yourself.Like many,I want Luxuries but not at the cost of someones happiness but rather as a reward of my hard work & Patience.I am glad there are many such people for whom Money is just "one"component and not the only component, under the broad umbrella term RICH!

My Interpretation:
I feel richness is more about feeling it.And this comes only with a sincere satisfaction.As i said it is very subjective and varies from person to person.I feel so blessed when my friends come to me in their darkest hour for serious advise,When my mother hugs me saying "I am proud of u",when my father says "You are my Son",When my bro comes running"you are the best sister in world'. Being Loved unconditionally & Being trusted blindly is the key to worthiness.The priceless values imbibed in me has earned so much Love & Respect that i feel Rich even before earning money.Moreover,There are lot more things than money to make me feel the same.Small joys,Big laughter,loving others,being loved,helping someone,being qualified,getting wet in the first rain,going on a long drive,battling a tough time,being a part of discussion,reading my favorite book, writing poems,updating my blog etc etc(endless) rejoices my soul to the zenith of satisfaction to make me feel Big.So,If you stop comparing & start enjoying you will feel bigger than Mr.Clinton & Our very own Tata's & Ambani's.Seek and you shall find.It's you & your perception, who can make yourself Rich or poor

Your Richness is not in your Wealth,it is in your soul.

Two extreme examples :
*He stood there smiling in space,his black eyes shined with twinkle as the rays of the sun were falling on his faces and moving back in congregation, the dust on his clothes was marinating with the continuous flowing sweat which he kept wiping with the greasy sleeves.Like everyday, Raghu was walking on the same lane but today the road seemed more merry,because he was unusually happy,as he had earned enough today, to bring a stomach filling food for his family for the rest two weeks.
Wait, on his way he meets his co- worker who is in disdain ,about his ailing child & the medical expense.Without a thought he gives away half of his wage,inspite of knowing that the remaining money will either fill his stomach or his children's.His friend's heart was soon filled with Love & respect for Raghu which could be sensed by his running tears.So,what do you think ,Is Raghu Rich?

*Miss Anita is a jewellry designer,an Intellectual  and a party woman who has all the Luxuries we often dream of. She also runs an NGO which provides jewellery to the underprivileged  families during a Girls wedding.Today she was meeting a friend who had a tragic crash down in business.Anita was worried about her plight & was planning up possible ways to help her out.As she was looking out of the window plane,she jumped on her seat asking driver to halt there itself.The driver was perplexed at that moment asking Why the CCD had not yet arrived.Anita made an excuse saying she will walk up as she has some work on the next road.Also,she told the driver to pick her up from the same point.The driver was surprised & Left from the spot.Anita  did not want  her friend to feel low or inferior of traveling in a public transport.She was considerate of her self respect and so decided to walk up.What a Humble thought.She is indeed very Rich just like Raghu!

 There is a day you are going to go in Ashes,leaving all your wealth behind & carry only blessings along.

As Allama Iqbal says:
Mout, Tajdeed-e-Mazaq-e-Zindagi Ka Naam Hai
Khawab Ke Parde Mein Baidari Ka Ek Paigham Hai

Death is the name of the renewal of the taste for life.
In the veil of sleep, it is a message of awakening

So,Wake up from the mere chase of money before its too late.

The Blessed Lord said: Fearlessness, purity of temperament, steadfastness in the Yoga of Knowledge, giving, self-control, sacrifice, the study of Scripture, askesis, candour and straightforwardness, harmlessness, truth, absence of wrath, self-denial, calm, absence of fault-finding, compassion to all beings, absence of greed, gentleness, modesty, freedom from restlessness, energy, forgiveness, patience, cleanness, absence of envy and pride – these are the wealth of the man born into the Deva nature.  
Bhagwad Gita:chp 17 verse 1-3

You will be remembered for who you were & not what you had.

#Conquering your desires by channelizing it in right way & smiling with the smallest joy will make you Richer than the Richest. 

This post is in response to Indispire 15th edition: 

RICH. Write a post on your interpretation of this word. #RICH


  1. Yes, everyone needs money for survival but not everyone wants to be rich. I have many examples of people who have left high paying jobs just to be happy. :)
    Processing Creativity

  2. Ya..For them money will b Jus one component and not the only component to b happy !

  3. Yupp we do need money, but its not everything !


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