Saturday, 10 May 2014

Writer's Block.?             

Its all in mind....



Since the past eight months for no specific reason i can blame on,i was in a state of complete dismissal.My rhetoric's for philosophy and sarcasm had lost their path in an intangible way.During this period i was living though but not like before.An integral part of my life was occupied by unsuccessful attempts of penning down my wandering thoughts.My writings which once sparked a positive vibe in my life was now making me a captive of negativity.And then Someone told me"Chill ya,its just a Creative block" which was a torment to the disaster and i became the slave of it.I almost gave up on writing and if i forced myself, my mind echoed"writer's block"!Bang! and thereby breaking my leftover morale.
Nothing can be more disabling for a person than not being able to do something over which he had mastered a while Ago.But i feel for a writer ,his creative block, is more than being disabled ,its like taking away his life.You may feel i am exaggerating but thats my personal experience.Creative block  is a time when mind becomes stagnant,and thoughts do linger somemwhere but we find our self farsighted to reap it down the paper and that causes indignation.Quite often,I found myself like a kid struggling to solve the jigsaw puzzle ,while  moving my eyes around for a kind help.
 Today after getting back in the flow,i wonder what is the cause behind this phase? Does this 'Block' happen when the mind becomes a Dessert and paper a Barren land?or Is the word 'Block' itself the reason behind the dessert and the Barren land!you can have your own opinion i go for the second one.This reminds me of a wise saying"You are not a looser until you accept defeat" Its all in mind and if you feel you are a victim of writers Block then this saying might help you:Biting my truant pen, beating myself for spite:"Fool!" said my muse to me, "look in thy heart, and write.”― Philip sydney, Astrophel and Stella.
Remember 'Your inspiration lies within you' ,Scratch it dont have to go around crying ,but sit back and give it a time.At the end you will definately place the pieces of jigsaw puzzle appropriately.Because A writer may become stagnant for a phase but his epic and rhymes will always find its way!

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