Tuesday, 7 November 2017

The Thirst

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The thirst that chases the luxuries of world,
Looses its meaning to fetch the furl.
The thirst that starves to live a worthy life,
Breathes the freshness of the might,

The thirst that greed's to be an exploit,
Falls down beneath its plight.
The Thirst that rises to stand as help,
Carves a journey of another self.

The thirst that dreams of haughty power,
Walks away from the right hour.
The thirst that wakes up to be known,
By its patience and hard work is grown.

The thirst that runs behind money,
Never halts on the journey to be happy.
The thirst that walks with the  family,
Is loved by the little or more money.

The thirst that is build to win by wrong,
Is the one that is blinded of all.
The thirst that thrives to conquer world,
Drives in self to know much more.

The thirst that dwells and lives in us,
Makes our life and defines us!
Before you walk to quench the thirst,
Know where you are heading first!

 P.S: Thirst is not just water gulping down the throat but is a mirror of a lot of aspects.Water quenches the biological thirst but human thirst is quenched on different path that people choose without giving a thought if its filled with toxicity or purified from it.Greed,Power,Lust,Position can make an individual go on an extreme journey which once walked traps the person in war of self but on the other hand the other side of thirst lives and makes life worth living.It is very important to define our thirst and quench it before it rejuvenates another for that makes us grow in a positive way.



  1. Humans are always greedy, thirsty! Well stated

  2. The thirst that dwells and lives in us
    Makes our life and defines us!
    Such beautifully drafted... loved this one!
    Keep writing, keep growing!

  3. Isn't that something! I also loved the introductory inception writeup. I could imagine you through those words. Keep writing Saima ♥️


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