Friday, May 08, 2015

Letter to my world:My Mom

I am writing a letter about how a mother teaches honesty to her child with the Max Life Insurance i-genius #YoursHonestly activity in association with BlogAdda.

Dear Mummy,

There is so much to thank you for, though my heart is full of thoughts but fingers numb.They just don't know how to bring together the same alphabets that you once made me repeat after you, while i rested on your lap and babbled  innocently.From the first day of my school till today, you have been constantly there by my side to guide me in every aspect.When i look at your picture of twenty four years ago and today i can see the gray strands of hair and dark circles  silently speaking about the sleepless nights that you and baba spent behind us. The Words of kindness like Please,sorry and Thank you are like the developed reflexes of my body.The first time you made me say thank you for the chocolate i got from my neighbor cultivated the farm of gratitude in my heart that has been nourished over these years by remembering every act of kindness i have experienced by others and moreover repaying the same because you always taught me 'kindness spreads".It was your please that made me learn to respect others property.You taught me to accept my mistake thereby never letting the wave of arrogance carry me.You kept simplicity above all luxury and so i know the worth  of it.You knew when to be strict and when to pamper me.I still remember that day when i was in second or third, for the first and last time i had picked up 5 rupees coin from the drawer because my friends had asked me to get for pepsi party and i was too scared to ask for.But eventually you caught me by finding the 25 paise change in my brothers pocket.That was the day (i don't remember how much you and baba had fired me but i remember you made me understand at night why i should have asked) and today i have never taken money from home without informing you or baba. That was the first spark of honesty you had ignited in my heart to lighten it forever.These umpteenth memories have soaked in the values for life that has shaped my life beautifully.
                                                   My thoughts and actions are reflection of you.Its you both who have and are molding me to be better each day.You have strengthened my faith on God,you have made me believe in myself,every time i cried for being hurt you taught me why i should not do the same to anyone else,you always reminded me of honesty, you appreciated my success and stood by my failures and made me strong enough to accept defeat and most important you never let me give up.I can proudly say that my parents are the best people in the world.I have been brought up by two special flowers who have gently caressed me when i was budding,nurtured me with love and helped me to bloom in all phases of life.
I can go on writing for the countless lessons i have learnt from you.Thank you for everything.I can never repay.Love you loads.                                                                       
                                                                                                                      Proud Daughter


  1. Nice sharing of thoughts. Self realizing!!

  2. Worthy parents, worthy daughter.Keep it up!

  3. Thank you ma'am for this word of appreciation. Keep visiting.


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