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The Land of Karbala and Moharram....


 It is a City situated in Iraq around 100kms south west of Baghdad.

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This is the Land where Beauty of Sacrifice was Glorified with the Blood of Seventy Two Martyrs and with the wail of thirsty-hungry children and their mothers.It is place where 'Islam' was saved by the grandson of Prophet Mohammad(saw),Imam Husain a.s and his household "Bani Hashim", from  turning down in ashes by the hands of yazid (L.a) {the then Ruler}and his pets.

The first Islamic month Moharrram echoes in detest the helplessness of Maula Husain Ibne Ali(a.s) and his sacrifice in 680 A.D ie 61 Hijri.and today even after 1375 years later, the wounds of karbala  remains afresh.

But human mind is known for questions and explanation and so the most comman ones are ,What is Moharram?then Why not entire year?Its 1400 years yet ?What is the significance of it?Why do you all hit yourselves?Why Black?etc and many.

Well,i will try my best to explain most of the things in the simplest possible way.To begin, let me tell you,our first month of the calender is the commencement of our 'Ayyam-e-Azaa i.e Our Mourning Days'.This is because on second day of this month,Imam Husain(a.s) along with his people who were 72 and ladies with children reached the land of karbala,as he was called by yazid ,who later forced alliance and  betrayed Imam as his sole motive was to burn down Islam with coal and modify the religion according to his will and wish.He wanted to establish a religion of injustice,betrayal,terrorism and wrong doing to which Imam disagreed.But ,unfortunately there are many Yazidis even today, hiding behind bombs and grenades defaming religion by modifying it like his ancestor.

As Imam Husain(a.s) disagreed to his terms,the opposite army imposed a war.The yazid's army was in number that you cannot count of whereas on Imam's Side the figure was 72.The brigand,ruthless,tyrant ruler had devoid Imam Husain(a.s),his army and his family which even included a six month old son of food and water.The thirsty-hungry side was firm on belief,their eyes glowed of patience and their words only uttered of thankfulness to the almighty.This gives out a concealed message to the world of strengthening their trust on faith.The first ten days of this
month is seen as the time when the mothers were preparing their son to die a brave death.A sacrifice which any mother cannot think of.And that brings royalty to this sacrifice.

On tenth day of this month (the day you get public holiday)which is Ashoora,the land of karbala witnessed the most historic event.A battle which no words can explain completely.Seventy Two on one Side and lakhs on other.Each member of Imams army fought a brave battle on the dessert of Karbala until the last breadth.I cannot narrate the tragic death of Imam's loved ones.But all i want to ask is Can u Imagine a father removing a spear from an eighteen year old son's chest.Or Can you imagine your brother being chopped by the hands when he is gone to get water for your four year old thirsty daughter.This is what had happened by the side of river euphrates,When Imam's brother Abbas Ibne Ali(a.)went to fetch water..Can you see a six months old baby's  throat being slitted with a three headed arrow heavier than the baby himself or a four year old girl being mercilessly slapped on crying in remembrance of her dead Father.But,The golden mud or the dessert of karbala narrates  the cry of Janabe Sakina[a.s](Imam's Four Year Old Daughter)and the merciless killing of thirsty six month old child,Janabe Ali Asghar(a.s).
This war continued until Imam Husain(a.s)was beheaded and Martyred while he was in  prostration  in the worship of Almighty with wounds all around the body.His last breadth conveyed a million message,setting an example of standing against oppression and not accepting wrong.

After Imam was martyred,his household was looted and his Family which included of children,ladies and his only son who was left, were made captive by Yazids.But,Imam's Sister Zaynab(s.a) along with other ladies further continued the battle by bearing all the atrocities after her brother's death and not accepting yazid's religion.Moreover, She also gave a speech in the court of yazid where she unveiled the truth from lies and represented the actual islam which was completed by Prophet Mohammad(saw) which teaches of justice,love and peace.
And So I repeat,"The first islamic month moharrram echoes in detest the helplessness of Maula Husain(a.sI ibne Ali(a.s) and his sacrifice in 61 A.D.And today Even after 1375 years later, the wounds of Karbala  remains afresh

Thus Moharram is our identity,Black is our voice of sadness and our Azadaari(ie Juloos or Processions,Majalis,Matam ie Chest Beating) is expression of our grief for the martyrs of the battle which was of Right v/s Wrong,Peace v/s Terrorism, Justice v/s Injustice, Truthfulness v/s Untruthfulness and Islam v/s Inhumanity.

And if You Question Me Why Even After 1400 Years then here's the Answer,

What Happens,when God forbid, an unexpected death happens in the family,presume a mother loosing her husband and young child.She cries loud,hits herself,looses consciousness,sobs and wails all life in the remembrance of someone who was her world.Do you question her why she is crying or Do you ever think of telling her that she should forget it and move ahead.Rather you sympathize and agree to the fact that pain will remain forever.Isn't it?After all they were  her own,Whom she loved, her Reason of iving.
Then my question is why do you all question us,in moharram When we mourn,When we hit ourselves (Matam),Come together and cry loud.When you do not object the lady in pain for crying over her family members then what makes you ask us.She is crying for her world,so are we.Moreover we are crying for someone who completes and defines our world.

Imam Hussain (a.s) is our strength,He is our davior.The teachings of Prophet Mohammad (saw)and His Household ie Ahlubayt ,The Divine Rulers,Convey the right islam.And the Extremist you see today babbling behind blast, Misinterpreting Jihad are nothing but the descendents of yazid.And Imam Husain(a.s) gave this sacrifice to protect us and the Religion from this kind of Acceptance.Had he not fought the Battle and Died self along with his family then Islam would have been slaughtered then only.It is these Tears that has been shedding through the Generations since 1375 years which has kept the Message of karbala Alive.And this shall continue to flow Every year with the same fervor till the last Shia or rather Lover of Imam Husain(a.s) Remains on Earth.

P.S:All the incidences that i have narrated have authentic reference in the islamic Literature and other historic books.This was in very brief just to make you understand in the most simplest way.If you are interested to know more or any help with the books you can contact me.Please give your review.
                             -SSW and SSZ
Special thanks to my Friend Sabika Zaidi for her valuable suggestions and review.

'It is Better to Die on Your Feet than to Live on your Knees'-Imam Husain(a.s)

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