Wednesday, 29 October 2014

The Drop Of Ink

Is there power in writing? Can writers bring social change & change the world?

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     When Metonymy of the Synonyms forms a Phrase, 
Together it Shines like a Diamond in a Bay,
And the Sparkling Glow turns More Fine,
When Writer Begins to Narrate His Rhyme.

The Drop of Ink Cries down the Quill,
   And Echoes the "Silence" with a Sharp Shrill,
The Slate of Injustice is Written Again,
Carving a Smile on the Face of Pain.

  The Sword of Writer is his Pen,
   And His Victory is his Magnificence 
 His Wandering thoughts and Moving Pen,
Leaps a step against bewilderment.

 His Every Word Written on the Page,
Then Join Hands to Form a Chain.
  And The Many Eyes Who Read His Work,
Strengthen the Hands of his Written Words.

The Sound Of Protest then Moves Like A Wave,
Hitting the Empty Loud Vessels of Hate,
And Many Voices then turn to be One,
Standing together in Unison.

So,When Eloquent Linguist Speaks to the World,
A Silent Message is Conquered,
 And The Magical Wand calls out the Spell,
Off the Change With the Pen!

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