Tuesday, June 10, 2014

In the Eyes of Beholder

 In the Eyes of Beholder!


     She sat by the side of the river course,
On to the rock layered with Mold.

She dangled her legs restlessly,
Her thoughts maundered aimlessly!

She closed her eyes to feel the breeze,
But Lingered in front her dusky cheeks!

Shuddered by it she stood on her toes,
Tumbling back on the uneven Billows!

She pleaded for way to the floor,
But it spoke to her, now no more!

She sat back crying all in vain,
Alas,No ear to listen her Disdain!

She had no clue why she was there,
Her mind rippled in silence everywhere!

Her eyes wandered to slit thy self.,
Her heart pounded to jump in the well!

She spoke to herself and to the world,
Whats the myth with a Girl ?

"My Parents want to get rid of Me,
But no one is there to Hold Me"!

They come at door asking her to be fair
If not,Then dowry will make a good pair!

Poor girl, when wails against in  misery,
They strangulate her soul calling it customary!

She cried and sobbed all hour alone,
Looking at the River,in forlorn.

As her reflection poured Insitu!
Her Red Fabric glowed the Moving Blue!

The freshness of her Henna began to wither,
With it,Drowned her tears in the River!

As she made her mind to end it,
Her soul awakened her to live!

In silence,soon,echoed a voice around,
O' dear, fight Back, do not look down!

She lifted her brows in Astonishment,
Listening to the voice in oblivion!

The Breeze was calm and steady again,
His voice,pierced the silence of disdain!

Whispered in her ears,the sound of Love,
The secret admirer smiled at her dove !

"You want to end your Life for a few,
Who Bark on your steps in Crew!

Do you know the strength you hold,
I know you are a Gem with Gold!

The bounteousness of beauty is at no par,
For it bows down  in front of your heart!

"The Creator so Beautiful has Created You,
For special someone who belongs to you!.

O' My heart,you are the most beautiful soul,
I just want you and nothing more!

Let the world know this my dear,
Beauty Lies in the "Eyes of Beholder"

She smiled midst her rolling tears,
He wiped in silence all her fear!
 The sun set down and they walked by,
Two souls ,now one,waved another day "good Bye"!



  1. Nice message delivered through the lines.... :-) beauty definitely lies in the eyes of the beholder and inside a beautiful mind.....not in dusky cheeks or dark skin colour...

    Nice write-up... :-)

  2. Indeed and so Beauty lies in the eyes of Beholder...
    Thank you...Keep visiting :)



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