Friday, 11 May 2018

Fluttered and flew in the wind

She was a humble girl with philosophical rules and stringent attitude.However ,She knew the art of words was not her job and laid her back on a couch raising her dangling feet on the square glass table.
"Sahana!! "Come on..You can! ..echoed the room with voice of her sister ....
But the girl with wavy hair tied high up on the head ,set her deep ocean eyes on the plane of the window staring in space outside their house on the eight floor.
She fixed her gaze at the torment of happenings outside ,dead to the world she rested there, lifeless,until julie pulled her hand of the cheeks!
"what's wrong di..i need some time alone"!..choked voice of sahana echoed her soul
The girl living in her was full of energy,expressing her ideas to nobody but self.Life gave her an opportunity to exhibit it to the world.
However,the battle of choice v/s destiny was going on,and she closed her eyes to meditate and reason out.
She knew the road was long and rough,the smooth ride to the world was a storm within.She closed her eyes and thoughts kept flooding like waterfall hitting the rocks on a valley.Only she could sense the heaviness of each words that kept haunting her,in the meanwhile her sister was calling her out to nag over her self confidence,pushing her ahead.
But,The mysterious voice became louder until she could hear nothing except for her soul.
She cried out loud in silence and weeped with no tears"Who would know how heavy my mornings are and how fearful is the day!The calm sea is a havoc,i don't understand my fear,my restlessness and my guilt.I know but yet i am unaware,i feel i am tied to an unknown thing,i don't have a word to describe it too.
I don't feel anything and move around like a mechanical self,something is wrong...

NO! ....came a louder voice blocking her thoughts!

This time the voice was heavier,she looked up with a pale face ,indifferent to everyone around.
Her Father grabbed a seat ahead and continued..."No,you are not going to step back.You are my child and i know you and your strengths!You can!"
Sahana's soul screamed aloud,but again to be crashed,this time by a softer voice,coming from her sister.

Cheer up girl,i don't understand what costs you to smile:smirked the elder one and room became empty on a laughter note.
Sahana became numb and suppresed her thoughts ,pulled out the pen and signed on her new project.
She looked at the window and could hear out the voices calling her,gazed at the fan and freezed to sense the urge to reach it.
She trembled and said No,I am fine!She went to kitchen to fetch a knife and fruits,walked in to the room and locked herself.
And the anti depressants lying in the bin sensed the catastrophe in her life awaiting to ruin due to negligence.
In the dinning room,the father whispered to the elder one,she is just low and nervous,should be ok next morning...
Only fate knew if the morning would rise again for sahana.

P.S:A short story to reflect what torment can rise in a depressed mind if ignored.And the helpless battle they go through each day when family does not identify the need of medications and counselling.
Be vigilant to a be a mental health soldier,you can save lives and make it better.


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