Monday, 30 April 2018

The Untravelled Road

P.C:Ali Wasti
Loose yourself in the beauty of kind,
Walk with the breeze and unwind.

The tall green bushes all around,
Welcomes your shadow on the ground.

The silence of wind when crosses cheeks ,
Then eyes close for the soul to sink within.

The chirping birds and the ocean of sky,
Together they all let your inner soul fly.

The highness of life is felt in silence,
Which echoes in mind rings it in life.

The freshness of happiness is song of joy,
The melody of it is a rhyme you enjoy.

You must have travelled on zillion paths,
But not the road that feels the same path!

For once,
Be the guest of the beautiful Nature,
And ,
be amazed to know of your Nurturer!


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