Monday, 31 October 2016


A relation over all the relations,
It binds the soul with the emotions!
Love and trust anchors it strong
Laughter and fun comes along!
When life watches you fight with them ,
In tears you walk into a different den!
The sun and moon witness you converse,
The unsaid words of love with hug!
It fades the boundary of differences,
When you learn to forgive mistakes!
You feel the pain that you don't hold,
When you listen to the tears that roll!
Your heart parallels with the anger of them,
When you know it went wrong all over again!
You can make a prank to troll for fun,
Can't stay calm,When it comes from 'SomeOne'
You can give and take serious advises,
Along can laugh on the extraordinary wiseness!
You can speak for hours and Silently Listen!,
When you know you have along your friend!
Like the waves of ocean moving
along the shoulders,
Friends together face all the boulder!

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