Thursday, 10 March 2016

Not too long...

Three months and i was away from my blog,the place where i can be me.The place i love to wander,re-read every posts,appreciate them,and plan to carve a different set of words.Three months!How could i stay away?No,i could not.And i think i will  never be able to take a long holiday from the work i love to do.

In the race of chasing the zenith in life,many amateur and budding creative mind get locked as an attic in a chamber.I have heard people saying i was once an avid reader,now i am so packed with my schedule that i cant pull out a book, a budding artists looses on to the magical wand and his colors become a memory of shades.A player might crave for a practice session and a dancer moves without grace.Because we all are caught in the web of time and responsibilities.A few lucky ones are able to carry their passion to profession,a few blessed ones are able to set their priority as their passion in the hustle bustle around!Irrespective of the difference in our opinion ,i want to come to the point that no matter what our like is,it may fade with time .However,(I am not being biased) but a person for whom writing a poem or a piece of note is a passion,he may sneak in to the busy schedule to scribble a poem on a piece of paper or leave a note on blog.A writer cannot stay away from the words too long,the poet in him cannot put aside the heart stealing rhymes that drowns in his hearts.His words are his possession,its his creation and he puts it on the paper/screen ,no matter where he is.Because its his identity and a part of him.
And so i am here back on my routine,to put down my thoughts,to string them together and be me.
Not too long,i can stay away,
you are my life,my only way!

P.S:It is my personal opinion but difference of opinion is appreciated.

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