Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Its 15 Minutes for 12.00 and soon the date in the calender will leap to 25th..Though i am yawning to death and mind is yelling to sleep but my Fingers are reluctant to type this Post and surprisingly my phalanges are moving on the keyboard like a trained dancer who knows every step and is just executing the performance Smoothly.Well,the reason behind this impulsivity lies in today's Date itself.Because it is 24th September,Wednesday a Historic Date in the Indian calender Hence forth.
ISRO,The Indian Satellite Research organization has rejuvenated Our Pride Today with the Prodigious Laurel they have Gifted to Motherland.I Congratulate them for their umpteenth Tireless Efforts and Determination to Make this Stand Across the Globe by the MOM, ie Mars Orbiter Mission which is India's first interplanetary mission to a particular planet .The success of this Mission was followed with chantings of Happiness all Around.
The Success of Mangalayan is an Answer to all the claimed  Super Power countries to not Under Estimate  the Power Of India. 

As i First Read the News,i was Elated to the Core and Smiled with Pride of Being an Indian.

P.S I want to praise the ISRO Team more but now my fingers are no more coordinating with my Mind.Its Time to Embrace the Bed and Elope in Deep sleep.All I Am Happy is this post is dated 24th Sep'14.

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